Bella Carta

Bella Carta (Beautiful Paper) is our brand for Paper Products. Under this category we’ve targeted two product categories – Kitchen Towels and Facial tissues.

Bella Carta Products

Kitchen Towels (12 Pack)

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Facial Tissues (170 sheets, 2-ply)

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Twin Pack Kitchen rolls (80 Sheets)

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Why Choose Bella Carta

Each of our products has been put through months of rigorous testing and formulation.  We also invest extensively in our packaging, which ensures suitability of the taste to the Australian market and is value for money across the supply chain while the product itself is visually stimulating.  Our brands have proven success irrespective of where they’re placed, due to quality, price and packaging.  In many instances, we have been instrumental in enticing new customer segments to the stores in which our products are displayed, adding different dimensions to our customers’ business with our multiple brands.

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